The second workshop on complex geometry and foliations

dedicated to the memory of Marco Brunella

February 25-March 1, 2013
Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry

Organised by
Ekaterina Amerik (Orsay and HSE)
Misha Verbitsky (HSE, Moscow)

Speakers: Abstracts: [ Glutsyuk | Meerseman | Pereira ]

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In recent years, geometry of complex manifolds advanced quite rapidly. Much of this development is due to advances in holomorphic dynamics and the theory of complex foliations. In the first workshop on complex geometry and foliations (September 17-21, 2012), we gave a series of introductory lectures, mostly on the works of late Marco Brunella. This time we have invited Laurent Meerseman and Jorge Pereira, who will give series of lectures on their recent research related to foliations.

Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications