Geometric structures on complex manifolds

Differential-geometric methods in algebraic geometry:
calibrations, Hermitian structures, special holonomies, Monge-Ampère equations

3-7 October 2011,
Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry,
Steklov Institute,

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Organised by

Liviu Ornea (Univ. of Bucharest)
Dmitri Panov (King's College, London)
Armen Sergeev (Steklov Institute)
Misha Verbitsky (HSE, Moscow)


Dmitri Alekseevsky (Brno)
Semyon Alesker (Tel-Aviv)
Laura Barberis (Cordoba, Argentina)
Jürgen Berndt (King's College)
Roger Bielawski (Leeds)
Gil Cavalcanti (Utrecht)
Vicente Cortés (Hamburg)
Isabel Dotti (Cordoba, Argentina)
Anna Fino (Torino)
Akira Fujiki (Osaka)
Paul Gauduchon (Ecole Polytechnique)
Ryushi Goto (Osaka)
Geo Grantcharov (Florida Int.)
Keizo Hasegawa (Niigata)
Stefan Ivanov (Sofia)
Julien Keller (Univ. de Provence)
Dario Martelli (King's College)
Ruxandra Moraru (Waterloo)
Stefan Nemirovski (Steklov Institute)
Yann Rollin (Nantes)
Paolo Piccinni (Rome I)
Song Sun (Imperial College)
James Sparks (Oxford)
Vladlen Timorin (HSE, Moscow)
Valentino Tosatti (Columbia)
Victor Vuletescu (Bucharest)

Conference Summary

Differential-geometric structures play important role in the study of complex geometry. After Kodaira, Kaehler structures became central in the study of deformation theory and the classification problems. More recently, the non-Kaehler metrics on complex manifolds started to be important in string theory. The manifolds with special holonomy become central in string theory due to advances in supersymmetry. The notion of calibrations, due to Harvey and Lawson, gives a unifying differential-geometric mechanism encompassing the complex geometry and its many generalizations to quaternionic and octonionic domains. We are planning to bring together specialists on complex geometry, potential theory and calibrations, to explore the recent advances in differential geometry of complex manifolds.

The lectures were recorded on video, courtesy of

Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications