September 5-10, 2011,
Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry,
Higher School of Economics,

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Venue: Steklov Institue's main lecture hall,
Steklov Institute (MIRAN), ninth floor, Gubkina str. 8, Moscow

Highest School of Economics is a big research university which has many buildings in different parts of Moscow. The Faculty of Mathematics's address is Vavilova, 7. The Steklov Institute is situated in 20 minutes of walking (straight along Vavilova street) from Vavilova, 7. The participants of the conference are housed either in the building of Faculty of Mathematics or in the Steklov Institute.

Getting there from the airport

There are three international airports in Moscow: Sheremet'yevo (KLM, Air France, Aeroflot), Domodedovo (British Airways, Iberia, Lufthansa) and Vnukovo (Air Berlin, Germanwings). All three are connected to Moscow through a high-speed railway, called Aeroexpress, with moderately priced tickets (approx. $12). Taxi to Moscow would cost $100-$150, and during the day it can be very slow due to traffic jams.

The Aeroexpress timetables are available from their official site: [ Sheremetyevo | Domodedovo | Vnukovo ]. The point of arrival is a rail terminal, which is connected to a subway station: Byelorusskaya for Sheremet'yevo, Paveletskaya for Domodedovo, and Kievskaya for Vnukovo.

The map of Moscow Metro (subway) is found in Wikipedia. You should go to the orange (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya) line, if you go from the green line, you change at Tretyakovskaya-Novokuznetskaya, if you go by the brown line, you change at Oktyabr'skaya.

The HSE Faculty of Mathematics (Vavilova, 7) building is about 200 meters from the Leninskiy Prospect metro station, and Steklov Institute is 1300 meters from Akademicheskaya and 1900 meters from Leninskiy Prospekt.

Vavilova, 7

The whole building, which is the highest building in the neighbourhood, belongs to Academy of Sciences. HSE uses only 2-nd floor (Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry) 3-rd floor (Faculty of Mathematics) and 10-th floor (the hotel). The entrance to these 3 floors is separate (from the left); you have to show your documents to the guard below and take the elevator. It is marked with "Профессорская Гостиница ВШЭ" (professors' hotel of HSE).

The Vavilova, 7 building is 200 meters from the Leninskiy Prospect metro station. The Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry has a separate page with more maps and directions to the site.

Steklov Institute

Vavilova street is distinguished by having one of the tram lines, rapidly disappearing in Moscow. The tram line goes from the Universitet metro station to Oktyabr'skaya. The Steklov Institute can be reached from Vavilova, 7 by going straight along the street, as shown on the map here. The distance is approx. 1800 meters (20 minutes of walking). You can also take the tram. The tram driver sells the tickets for $.80, and they are sold cheaper at special stands.

As you go along Vavilova towards Steklov, on your right hand you see a huge building of pink brick; this is your clue that Gubkina street is next and you should turn right and enter the Steklov Institute, after you pass this (very long) building.

For directions to Steklov, please see the maps on the webpage of Steklov Institute. You can take the tram from the Universitet metro station, or walk.


The district where the Steklov and HSE belong is situated south-west of Moscow center, within 60-90 minutes of walking from Kremlin and Saint Basil. This part of the city is known as "Akademicheskij rayon" (academic district), because of predominance of Academy of Science establishments.

Most of it was built in 1950-ies, by German prisoners of war and prisoners of GULAG. The style is known as "stalinist Empire style", because Stalinist architectors of this time tried to model their building after the XIX century Empire style (the neo-classical style which was in fashion in the first half of XIX century). Highlights of this style include the Ploshchad' Gagarina (formerly Kaluzhskaya Zastava) and, of course, Moscow University, both within easy walk from Steklov and HSE (1 | 2). Many Academy institutes on Vavilova street, also build in 1950-ies, are striking specimens of the Stalinist Empire style, embellished with peculiar symbolic images.

Other popular walks include the Observation Platform in Sparrow Hills, situated next to the University, which provides a beautiful view of Moscow from above, and the Novodevichiy convent next to the Moscow river, founded in 1524, Donskoy Monastery, 1591, 20 minutes of walk north from the Vavilova, 7 building, and Danilov Monastery (1303), about 35 minutes east ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 )

Shopping and restaurants

There is an enormously huge hypermarket (Auchan) next to the Vavilova 7 (HSE hotel) place. The areas near the metro stations are full of small shops and fast food stands. The Leninskiy Prospect street between Steklov and the Leninskiy Prospekt metro is a busy avenue with many kinds of shops and restaurants. To go to Leninsky Prospect from Gubkina, 8 you should follow the Gubkina street further from Vavilova; Leninsky prospect is 100-150 meters from here.

Most shops in Moscow close up very late in the evening, and many of them work during the night.


Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications