Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry: location

We are located within the faculty of Mathematics at SU-HSE, at the third floor of a huge tower block at Vavilova, 7. It is located across the street from the south exit of the Leninskij Prospect subway station, within 200 meters of walking distance. The correct entrance to the building (one from the left, and not one directly from the front) is marked "Профессорская Гостиница ВШЭ".

For more detail, please see the map here, or use Google Maps.

To enter the building for the Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry seminar, you have to show your passport to the guards and explain that you are going to this seminar.

Please notice that the seminar takes place in room 1001, on the tenth floor of the building, and most of the department is on the third floor.

Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications