Getting to Moscow from the airport: There are three international airports in Moscow: Sheremet'yevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo. All three are connected to Moscow through a high-speed railway, called Aeroexpress, with moderately priced tickets (320 rubles, approx. $11). It is possible to buy a round trip Aeroexpress ticket, which is a little bit cheaper (590 rubles for 2 trips). Taxi to Moscow would cost $100-$150, and during the day it can be very slow due to traffic jams.

The Aeroexpress timetables are available from their official site: [ Sheremetyevo | Domodedovo | Vnukovo ]. The point of arrival is a rail terminal, which is connected to a subway station: Byelorusskaya for Sheremet'yevo, Paveletskaya for Domodedovo, and Kievskaya for Vnukovo.

The map of Moscow Metro (subway) is found in Wikipedia.

To get to the HSE guesthouse you should go to the orange (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya) line, if you go from the green line, you change at Tretyakovskaya- Novokuznetskaya, if you go by the brown line, you change at Oktyabrskaya. The price of a subway ticket is fixed and does not depend on duration and range of the trip.

Conference venue: All conference talks will take place at the Independent University of Moscow (MCCME), in the conference hall (4th floor). The IUM is situated in the historic center of Moscow.
The address is Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy per., 11.
The directions to the IUM from the subway stations Smolenskaya (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line) or Kropotkinskaya can be found here. The walk from Smolenskaya is shorter (and goes through the famous Arbat street) while the walk from Kropotkinskaya is longer.

If you stay at the HSE guesthouse then there are two ways to get to the IUM (both take 30 minutes).

  1. Take a subway to Smolenskaya (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line) (change at Oktyabrskaya to the brown line, then change at Kievskaya to the dark blue line) then take a short walk.
  2. Take a subway to Kropotkinskaya (change at Oktyabrskaya to the brown line, then change at Park Kultury to the red line), take the exit at the head car of the train, then take a longer walk.